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The Hot Shoe Diaries

The Hot Shoe Diaries is an online digital publication that demonstrates the powerful and effective uses for TTL’s by photographer Joe McNally. This publication, as they say, is not a manual. Ok, that’s great! But it sure comes across like a manual. Each chapter, addresses an aspect of the techniques. To start off with, the equipment used is discussed and laid out very neatly. After that introduction, light is talked about extensively. However technical this may seem it is great information.578903_418451054871841_377305005_n And yes there is mention of a camera. And basic functions that you should understand. Flash concepts have to be mention because this is about light. The most accurate way to describe the use of light is how to bend it to your will. Oh, and don’t forget to apply the rules and most important once you know and understand the rules it’s time to break them. The magazine does do a great job at explaining lighting situations like how to light fences, or lighting in an arena, and how to incorporate natural light.

Follow the link to view the online publication.

the Hot Shoe DiariesAlso, visit Joe McNally’s website.

The image in this post is a long exposure, Spinning steal wool. There was no flash involved with this image.

Hot Shoe Diaries is a great publication. Take some time to thumb though because there is a lot of useful information.

Grab your camera, TTL and have fun!



I want to provide this audience with inspiration in interesting places. Issue is an online magazine that offers various and different types of publications. This publication is a digital magazine you can find in Issuu. This one is called Fotoblur. Follow this link

I will be posting links to issues I find. These issues will be a focus mainly with photography.

I will be creating a digital magazine using Issue. It is free to sign up for an account. Go to

If you find a publication worth posing here please share the link.  Please make sure it is photography related.


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