Clownville by Eolo Perfido

Coulrophobia an irrational fear of clowns!
ClownvilleClownville-is a twisted, terrifying and nightmarish look at clowns by Eolo Perfido,  a French-born portrait and advertising photographer. Clowns are often associated with the circus, rodeo’s and comedy. Perfido has taken a delightful and good time character and transformed it into risque and bawdy. He traveled around Europe to gather these images of retired clowns for his series, Clownville.

Eolo Perfido’s Portfolio

His work consists of portraits, advertising, editorial and street photography. His Creative series is compelling and controversial. Follow this link to view the series, Creative

His work has been in the NY Times, Communications Arts, Panorama First, Vision, to name a few. He clients are Pepsi Cola, Samsung, Kraft, Gatorade plus many more.

Follow this link to view the entire series Clownville, Eolo Perfido-Clownville

His artist voyage has lead to many private gallery showings. He has won many photography awards. He was a first prize winner of the National Association of Italian Professioal Photographers. Eolo is also known for his street photography in Italy.
In the last 10 years he has developed a succession of photography workshops.

What type of reaction do you get from Clownville?


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