Fort Griffin

Fort Griffen, Texas

Fort Griffen, Texas was located on a level bottomland often refered to the Bottom or the Flat. The town began in the late 1860’s and gained notoriety as a lawless outpost. By 1874 the lawlessness was out of control and was placed under martial law by the commander of the fort. Before the community was placed under government control it had attracted Lottie Deno, Mollie McCabe, lawmen like Patrick F. Garrett, Doc Holiday, and Wyatt Earp. Many of the undesireable individuals were forced to leave.20150811_FortGriffen_AlbanyTx-73

The Flat20150811_FortGriffen_AlbanyTx-46-HDR

The community then became major destination for buffalo hunters. And had a high transient population caused by the hunters.

There are only a few small structures that remain at the fort site, like the mess hall, barracks, administration building, a bakery and other structures.


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Texas State Historical Association20150811_FortGriffen_AlbanyTx-39-HDR








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