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Digital Infrared Photography

digital Infrared Photography

Image by Spencer Martinez

Digital infrared photography can produce some fun and exciting images that can take an ordinary scene and turn it into something interesting and spectacular. Digital infrared photography has many different uses like in the medical field, the military, astronomy, forensics, law enforcement and art, just to name a few. The images in this post were taken with a dedicated digital infrared camera. This Nikon 200 was professionally converted to an infrared camera. These image were captured on an excursion to Glen Rose, Texas in dinosaur valley. Read More…


Surreal Double Exposure in Camera

Surreal Double Exposure in Camera

Image by Spencer Martinez

Creating a surreal double exposure in camera can be done if your camera has the capabilities, if you know how to set the exposures and understand how to adjust the settings. The concept lies within shooting your first image, the subject in a silhouette while blowing out the background, then with the second exposure filling in the underexposed areas. To be successful with this process, you will need to step down one stop for each shot.

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Painting with Light Photography

Painting with Light Photography

Image by Spencer Martinez

Painting with Light is a fun techique that photographers use to illumnate the subject. This works best when it is dark. It is made by moving a light source over the subject while taking a long exposure image. A few ideas for  painting with light: Portraits, film, still life, and landscapes.
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The Hot Shoe Diaries

The Hot Shoe Diaries is an online digital publication that demonstrates the powerful and effective uses for TTL’s by photographer Joe McNally. This publication, as they say, is not a manual. Ok, that’s great! But it sure comes across like a manual. Each chapter, addresses an aspect of the techniques. To start off with, the equipment used is discussed and laid out very neatly. After that introduction, light is talked about extensively. However technical this may seem it is great information.578903_418451054871841_377305005_n And yes there is mention of a camera. And basic functions that you should understand. Flash concepts have to be mention because this is about light. The most accurate way to describe the use of light is how to bend it to your will. Oh, and don’t forget to apply the rules and most important once you know and understand the rules it’s time to break them. The magazine does do a great job at explaining lighting situations like how to light fences, or lighting in an arena, and how to incorporate natural light.

Follow the link to view the online publication.

the Hot Shoe DiariesAlso, visit Joe McNally’s website.

The image in this post is a long exposure, Spinning steal wool. There was no flash involved with this image.

Hot Shoe Diaries is a great publication. Take some time to thumb though because there is a lot of useful information.

Grab your camera, TTL and have fun!

HDR & Panorama Abandoned Law Library

This image is a combination of HDR(High Dynamic Range) and a Panorama taken in an abandoned law library in a Texas town. This panorama was taken in three separate parts a left side, middle and right side. Each part has five different exposures to create the HDR. Then I processed them and stitched them together to create the panorama.


A master of this technique is Trey Ratliff. You can see some of his work by following this link TreyRatcliff  You can also visit his website at Stuck in Customs

Check out these HDR photographers

Tim Clarke

Kim Kaminesky

Brian Matiash

Here is a link to a YouTube video on HDR, I find the guy in these video’s funny.

HDR is a fun technique to add your photographic skills.

Nikon AF-On Button

I was curious about how the AF-On button worked on my Nikon D3. What is the benefit to the camera and the shooter? To begin I want to address how the AF-On button works. The best and easiest method is to post a link.>

This is a YouTube video that best explains the AF-On Button technique and how to set up your Nikon camera to shoot in this mode.

The benefit is to shoot in continuous without loosing focus on the subject, AF-On helps the shooter and camera to accomplish the technique.

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