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Shadow’s was a difficulty project. I wanted a cohesive set of images that were abstract and identifiable. So, to accomplish this I looked at the American photographer, Paul Strand. To learn more about him follow this link to Paul Strand. He was considered a modernist photographer.

I traveled around to find these shadows. I went to parks, looked for shadows cast on buildings and playgrounds.

The overall composition was strengthened by making the final images into black and whites. Shadows have a way of demonstrating a great deal of emotion.

A great shadow project to try is shadows of people, and people doing things.

My world changed a great deal when I began looking at shadows and how I perceived them.

Go out and find some shadows and compose images! Have fun!


High-Speed Photography

High speed photography is fun and interesting! Here are 3 different types of high speed photography a person, smoke and water.

By far the easiest, if there is an easy one, is the person. The biggest challenge was finding a happy medium between a fast head turn of slow. The action in this case worked best when we found our happy medium.

By far the most challenging was the smoke from a light bulb filament. The goal of this project is to break the glass on the light bulb without breaking the connections. I will gather some information on a How to for this project. I had a brief moment to capture what the filament produced. Another aspect that makes this a challenge is I had one chance to get the images. I attempted with few successes to keep parts of the glass bulb.

And last and by far the easiest was the water crowns. The challenge was to get a nice looking crown.

High-speed photography is a weekend project that can be done at home. You will produce exciting work and maybe a huge mess.

Think up some high-speed photography and have fun!

Golf Tournament at WaterChaseGC

I had the opportunity to shoot a golf tournament at WaterChase GC. Not a bad gig to cover in that the people were great the sun was shining bright all day long. I perched myself at hole #12 par 3. My goal was to get team group shots, action shots and I made a time-lapse. To get the team shots I used a Nikkor 24-70mm and used to TTL for fill flash.  To get the action shots I used a Nikon D7100 with a Tameron 150-600mm and shot in continuous low mode. I was able to get far enough away from the players that I did not disturb them. Which worked out great because I could shoot from far behind, way off to the side or in front of them at a distance without distracting them.

Another part of this assignment was to shoot a time-lapse. I set-up another camera, Nikon D3, off to the side and set the interval and number of frames. Interval was every 5 seconds and the total number of frames was set at 999. I imported the images into Lightroom and made small adjustments, such as cropping to 16:9 and exporting 24fps. By using these settings I will be able to make a 30-45 second time-lapse. Then I will edit in Final Cut Pro X to add some embellishments like music and text.

The golf tournament at WaterchaseGC was a great experience. I was able to shoot the event in the manner I wanted. That takes off lots of pressure.

Find an opportunity of cover an event like a golf tournament, or skeet shoot, to practice. If you are starting out cover the event and give the organization the images at not cost. Just make sure you get photo credit. This will help you to network, post images on your website and get the experience.

Get out there shoot an event and have fun!

The Psychology Behind Color

So….you are thinking why should I care about the psychology behind color. There is a lot to how we perceive color. Check out this article by following this link The Psychology Behind Color Yes, I will have to admit it is an article filled with lots of theory. Which also means it is dry material. But you get to learn about Primary Colors, Secondary Colors and Tertiary Colors isn’t that a bit more interesting? Don’t discount the article yet, it does have some valid suggestions like, how to choose analogous colors and complimentary colors. Isn’t that at least worth a little of your internet time?

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 9.39.00 PM

I couldn’t post this fun and exciting information without inserting some sort of image. It has colors organized in a circle. Well, at least it looks pretty and kinda interesting.

I feel empty like something is missing unless i fancy up this post with a little something.


HDR & Panorama Abandoned Law Library

This image is a combination of HDR(High Dynamic Range) and a Panorama taken in an abandoned law library in a Texas town. This panorama was taken in three separate parts a left side, middle and right side. Each part has five different exposures to create the HDR. Then I processed them and stitched them together to create the panorama.


A master of this technique is Trey Ratliff. You can see some of his work by following this link TreyRatcliff  You can also visit his website at Stuck in Customs

Check out these HDR photographers

Tim Clarke

Kim Kaminesky

Brian Matiash

Here is a link to a YouTube video on HDR, I find the guy in these video’s funny.

HDR is a fun technique to add your photographic skills.


I want to provide this audience with inspiration in interesting places. Issue is an online magazine that offers various and different types of publications. This publication is a digital magazine you can find in Issuu. This one is called Fotoblur. Follow this link

I will be posting links to issues I find. These issues will be a focus mainly with photography.

I will be creating a digital magazine using Issue. It is free to sign up for an account. Go to

If you find a publication worth posing here please share the link.  Please make sure it is photography related.


Long Exposures in Deep Ellum

DeepEllum-2 DeepEllum-3 DeepEllum

These images were captured recently in Deep Ellum. Deep Ellum has an eclectic past, unique buildings, and a lively music scene. These 3 images were long exposures. Long exposure are fun and easy to create. If you want to learn some tips and tricks to create these types of images leave a comment.

My next project for long exposures will be star trails. To accomplish this I will have to travel outside the city limits. Places like DFW tend to have too much glow from the city lights.

Take some long exposures and post them here. It would be fun to see what y’all  can produce. I’m looking forward to interesting images.

Nikon AF-On Button

I was curious about how the AF-On button worked on my Nikon D3. What is the benefit to the camera and the shooter? To begin I want to address how the AF-On button works. The best and easiest method is to post a link.>

This is a YouTube video that best explains the AF-On Button technique and how to set up your Nikon camera to shoot in this mode.

The benefit is to shoot in continuous without loosing focus on the subject, AF-On helps the shooter and camera to accomplish the technique.

Photography Humor…//Happy Friday

Monica Bell Photography


I saw this on another photographers Facebook page and had to share… this is TOO funny! Happy Friday!

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Big Data

Big Data performed at the 2015 Untapped Festival in Fort Worth, Texas.  Big Data is a “paranoid music project exploring the relationship between man and machine.” Visit their website at

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