Thanksgiving Square Dallas, Texas

Thanksgiving Square is located in the heart of Dallas, Texas. It is a museum, chapel and park. Follow the link the visit their website, Thanksgiving Square


JPEGmini Photo Compression


Photo-challenge fiveXfive or eightXeight.

This challenge can be done either by walking or driving. Set your alarm and when the alarm goes off stop walking or driving and take photographs. If you choose to walk, walk for 5 minutes and take photographs for 5 minutes. If you drive, drive for 8 minutes park get out of your vehicle and take photographs for 8 minutes. Repeat this process for as long you can. Read More…


Clownville by Eolo Perfido

Coulrophobia an irrational fear of clowns!
ClownvilleClownville-is a twisted, terrifying and nightmarish look at clowns by Eolo Perfido,  a French-born portrait and advertising photographer. Clowns are often associated with the circus, rodeo’s and comedy. Perfido has taken a delightful and good time character and transformed it into risque and bawdy. He traveled around Europe to gather these images of retired clowns for his series, Clownville. Read More…

Fort Griffin

Fort Griffin, the town began in the late 1860’s and gained notoriety as a lawless outpost.

Architectural Abstracts


Architectural abstracts


Abandoned Gas Station

Three images of an abandoned gas station.

Abandoned Gas Station AbandonedGasStation Abandoned Gas Station

Faceless Self Portrait

The faceless self-portrait and self portrait can be a difficult undertaking. I’m not talking about a selfie. I’m talking about creating a single image or a series of images. A faceless self portrait/self portrait can be a great opportunity to learn about yourself.  Read More…

HDR Photography

HDR or High Dynamic Range photography is the ratio of light to dark in photography.
Why would it be necessary to use HDR? To create an image in which there is too much light or shadows in a scene. A camera lens does not have the dynamic range to view a scene like our eyes. A human eye has an extraordinary range and sees what is going on in the shadows.
HDR photography is done by capturing several different exposures, from extremely over-exposed to under-exposed and a few exposures in between. The images are then combined using image editing software. Equipment you will need for HDR photography, digital camera, tripod and image editing software. Read More…

Photography humor

Here is some photography humor that is funny and true! Follow this link to petapixel

If you are a photographer you will get it! Even if you aren’t one its a good understanding of how different photographers approach photography.

Enjoy! Grab your camera and have fun shooting!

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