Photo-challenge fiveXfive or eightXeight.

This challenge can be done either by walking or driving. Set your alarm and when the alarm goes off stop walking or driving and take photographs. If you choose to walk, walk for 5 minutes and take photographs for 5 minutes. If you drive, drive for 8 minutes park get out of your vehicle and take photographs for 8 minutes. Repeat this process for as long you can.

These are my images from my photo-challenge walk in the cultural district in FWTX, Windows.


You can challenge yourself by only using one lens.

Another challenge, find a theme and stick to it.

Be sure to travel in a new or different direction.

The goal of this photo-challenge is to think quickly, adhere to the timer, find a common theme within each stop and be creative. Does the theme or connection have a common relationship such as color, texture, leading lines, up, down, blur or whatever.

Post 1 or 2 images from your walk and give a brief description. Post within 7 days.

Good luck and have fun!


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