Musicians Portraits

Musicians portraits are fun. However, be aware they might  have limited money to spend on professional images. But don’t worry this is a perfect opportunity to be creative, get some portfolio images and get some group shots. Plus they are easy to deal with. Typically, they will do just about anything for a group shot. All but one of these musician portraits were taken on location. I like location photoshoots because environment plays a big part with the overall composition.

Musician Portraits

The Crimson Veil was photographed before one of their shows in Deep Ellum. We were able to get individual portraits in the venue. Then we moved outside on the street for some group shots. The groups shots were very cool.

The Collective were photographed at their studio. Their group shot was in an abandoned part of the facility. This band plays hard, loud and aggressive. However, they don’t take themselves to seriously. Cami Maki and Justin were more laid back with their photoshoots. Just like the others they were ready to try out different things. One technique that I like to do with musicians is to have them play something while I photograph them. It allows them the get comfortable in front of the camera plus emotion begins to show. That is fun for me and them!

The only studio session, from this group of musicians, was with Mr. Cardenas. He is a formally trained classical musician.

This is great way to build your portfolio of band portraits. Find some local talent and ask them if they want professional images. Then give them the images but be sure to get photo credit.

Find a musician/s photograph them and have a good time!

Check out the pages for the bands

The Crimson Veil

The Collective

Cami Maki


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