High-Speed Photography

High speed photography is fun and interesting! Here are 3 different types of high speed photography a person, smoke and water.

By far the easiest, if there is an easy one, is the person. The biggest challenge was finding a happy medium between a fast head turn of slow. The action in this case worked best when we found our happy medium.

By far the most challenging was the smoke from a light bulb filament. The goal of this project is to break the glass on the light bulb without breaking the connections. I will gather some information on a How to for this project. I had a brief moment to capture what the filament produced. Another aspect that makes this a challenge is I had one chance to get the images. I attempted with few successes to keep parts of the glass bulb.

And last and by far the easiest was the water crowns. The challenge was to get a nice looking crown.

High-speed photography is a weekend project that can be done at home. You will produce exciting work and maybe a huge mess.

Think up some high-speed photography and have fun!


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