Golf Tournament at WaterChaseGC

I had the opportunity to shoot a golf tournament at WaterChase GC. Not a bad gig to cover in that the people were great the sun was shining bright all day long. I perched myself at hole #12 par 3. My goal was to get team group shots, action shots and I made a time-lapse. To get the team shots I used a Nikkor 24-70mm and used to TTL for fill flash.  To get the action shots I used a Nikon D7100 with a Tameron 150-600mm and shot in continuous low mode. I was able to get far enough away from the players that I did not disturb them. Which worked out great because I could shoot from far behind, way off to the side or in front of them at a distance without distracting them.

Another part of this assignment was to shoot a time-lapse. I set-up another camera, Nikon D3, off to the side and set the interval and number of frames. Interval was every 5 seconds and the total number of frames was set at 999. I imported the images into Lightroom and made small adjustments, such as cropping to 16:9 and exporting 24fps. By using these settings I will be able to make a 30-45 second time-lapse. Then I will edit in Final Cut Pro X to add some embellishments like music and text.

The golf tournament at WaterchaseGC was a great experience. I was able to shoot the event in the manner I wanted. That takes off lots of pressure.

Find an opportunity of cover an event like a golf tournament, or skeet shoot, to practice. If you are starting out cover the event and give the organization the images at not cost. Just make sure you get photo credit. This will help you to network, post images on your website and get the experience.

Get out there shoot an event and have fun!


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