The Psychology Behind Color

So….you are thinking why should I care about the psychology behind color. There is a lot to how we perceive color. Check out this article by following this link The Psychology Behind Color Yes, I will have to admit it is an article filled with lots of theory. Which also means it is dry material. But you get to learn about Primary Colors, Secondary Colors and Tertiary Colors isn’t that a bit more interesting? Don’t discount the article yet, it does have some valid suggestions like, how to choose analogous colors and complimentary colors. Isn’t that at least worth a little of your internet time?

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 9.39.00 PM

I couldn’t post this fun and exciting information without inserting some sort of image. It has colors organized in a circle. Well, at least it looks pretty and kinda interesting.

I feel empty like something is missing unless i fancy up this post with a little something.



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